September 12, 2000: Peter Soderquist
  I presented this work at the ATSG Linux Technical Forum in Littleton. My presentation included a showing of our 20 second clip using the Apple Quicktime player running on a Windows2000 laptop.
September 1, 2000: Peter Soderquist
  It works!!! At 5:00 pm, Jeff Hagan, Joe Lee and I hooked up Joe's Sony miniDV camcorder and captured 20 seconds of live video - with sound - in raw AVI form. To get to this point, Jeff had to install a 2.4 kernel (which has the IEEE 1394 subsystem built in) and rebuild dvgrab and gscanbus with the new kernel includes. With the 2.2 kernel, the card was failing to detect any attached nodes, whether by running gscanbus or "cat proc/ohci1394". But with the 2.4 kernel, everything started to work. We verified that capture was working by downloading the output of dvgrab to Jeff's Windows2000 PC and running the Apple Quicktime Player v4.1, which accepts raw DV files.
September 5, 2000: Peter Soderquist
  Our IEEE 1394 adapter arrived from Computers4Sure today. I decided to get an ADS Pyro 3-port card, since it is the same one used by many of the IEEE 1394 Linux developers. The card is recognized on the bus and properly self-identifies, but dvgrab segfaults. The next step is to hook up a camera.
July 14, 2000: Peter Soderquist
  We have a machine set up with the IEEE 1394/Linux software infrastructure (drillbit.hlo.dec.com), courtesy of Jeff Hagan. There is a "firewire" users group with privileges to touch the relevant files; contact Sam Ho or Bob Rose if you want to be added to this group.

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